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Wayne County Health Choice Senior Prescription Savings Program

A program administered by SGRX to help seniors save money

Real Discounts. Real Savings.

In an effort to provide relief from the rising cost of prescriptions, Wayne County HealthChoice is pleased to offer the Wayne County Senior Prescription Savings Program. This free prescription savings program saves seniors money. With this card, you are eligible for significant savings on brand name and generic medications.

HealthChoice partners with ScriptGuideRX, Inc. (SGRX) to offer this special coverage for any medication that requires a doctor’s prescription. Other card benefits include access to thousands of pharmacies throughout the country.

Use the Card Right Away.

As a member of this special program for Wayne County seniors only, you will receive a free Senior Savings Card. The card includes your name, a personal identification number, and your SGRX bin number. The card is mailed directly to you within 3-4 weeks after your application is received and processed by Wayne County HealthChoice. There is no waiting period, so you can use the card right away.

Just for You.

The Senior Savings Card was designed especially for Wayne County seniors. You are eligible for the card if you are a Wayne County resident, aged 55 or older, and have no other co-pay coverage (even if you have a deductible, but no co-pay, you qualify).

How Much Does the Card Cost?

It’s absolutely free!

Where Can I Get My Rx’s Filled?

First, ask your present pharmacy if they are a SGRX participating pharmacy. SGRX also has an extensive network of local and national pharmacies located in grocery stores, retail stores, department stores, clinics and hospitals.

Is a Mail Order Service Available?

Yes, a mail order service is available. Mail order is a great way to order regularly used, long-term medicines while saving time, money and paperwork. Simply complete the Patient Health Profile/Order Form enclosed in your enrollment package (or as your health conditions change) and use a pre-printed refill label on the refill envelope.

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